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White Cloud Outfitters P.O. Box 217
Challis, Idaho 83226 (208) 879-4574 
Fax (208) 879-5513 

Member of Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association




Arizona Trophy Room

Dale Towell, Arizona Desert Bighorn Unit 44B South, 2005
Tony Wagner, Arizona Desert Bighorn Unit 46B, 2006
Ted Smith, Arizona Desert Bighorn Unit 46B, 2007


Gerald Backhaus, Arizona Desert Bighorn Unit 46B, 2008

Steve Habarka Arizon Desert Bighorn, Unit 15B West 2002
Lance Kronberger & Chester Pergan, Arizona Desert Bighorn, Unit 46B 1998


White Cloud Outfitters™ Operating under special use permit on public lands administered by The Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Challis Bureau of Land Management and Salmon – Challis National Forest.