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White Cloud Outfitters P.O. Box 217
Challis, Idaho 83226 (208) 879-4574 
Fax (208) 879-5513 

Member of Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association




Spot Pack for Back Packers

  • This service offers avid backpackers and hikers the freedom of experiencing the backcountry on their own and without the added weight of a heavy pack.

  • This service is for hikers somewhat familiar with the country with their own itinerary already in mind. You decide where you want your gear dropped off and we do the rest.

  • We meet you and your gear at the trailhead, pack up your equipment and transport it by horseback to your campsite.

  • We then return at a prearranged date and time to pack your gear out of the backcountry.

  • You may also choose to ride into or out of your destination. Cost is based upon number of horses used regardless of whether they are ridden or packed.

  • Weight of boxes/duffle must be clearly marked so we can determine price prior to departure, exactly how many head you need. This avoids delays at the trailhead at the trailhead on the morning of the trip.

  • We allow 50 pounds maximum per side of pack stock unless gear & camping equipment is confined and consolidated to individual containers or duffle bags.

  • If your gear requires more than five head of pack stock than you will need to pay for an additional packer

  • For rates please click HERE


White Cloud Outfitters™ Operating under special use permit on public lands administered by The Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Challis Bureau of Land Management and Salmon – Challis National Forest.