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Guided Hunts
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Bull Elk Trophy Room

Idaho Controlled (by Drawing)
Rifle Elk Hunts

These limited entry hunts are available on a controlled hunt basis. This means that you will need to submit your application into a drawing held by the state of Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game. If you draw a permit, then you will be able to hunt a bull elk during the month of October. White Cloud Outfitters will assist you with the application process, which take place annually during the month of May. Once you have secured one of these coveted bull elk tags, you should start preparing for this hunt-of-lifetime. The unmatched wildlife diversity and abundant quality habitat of the White Clouds allows this hunt to truly qualify as a trophy class hunt.

  • Three distinct 7-day are available during the month of October.

  • Two of these also offer an overlap with Mule Deer season.

  • All hunts provide horseback access into one of the five remote spike camps located in the White Clouds. Lodging consists of heated 14x16 wall tents with cots and foam pads. All meals are served family style with plenty of variety provided by your camp cook.

  • All hunts are individually guided. No drop camps are available.

  • Camps are limited to 2 hunters at any time plus your guide(s) and camp cook.

  • Contact us by phone if you have any specific questions regarding this quality rifle hunt.

  • For rates please click HERE

Archery Elk (and Deer) hunts

The grandeur of The White Cloud Mountains sets the stage for these high-country horseback archery elk hunts during September. With its 12,000-foot snow capped peaks, high alpine meadows and golden quaking aspen stands alone in its beauty splendor. Mule Deer is optional during September however; our prime emphasis is that of connecting with a mature branch antlered bull.

  • These 7-day horseback hunts take place from comfortable spike camps consisting of 14x16 & 16x20 heated wall tents. Sleep tents include bunks or cots with foam pads for a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • A separate cook tent completes your camp where you will be served some of the finest home cooking you have ever dined on in a backcountry setting.

  • Camps are accessible by horseback only with riding distances varying from 1.5- 3.5 hours.

  • Horses are corralled every night to assure you an early morning departure each morning.

  • Only guided hunts are offered with individual camps kept ideally limited to 2 hunters at one time; no drop camps are available. By limiting our hunter numbers in this manner, archers are provided the very best chance for success.

  • If you have any specific questions, please inquire by phone or E-mail.

  • For rates please click HERE



White Cloud Outfitters™ Operating under special use permit on public lands administered by The Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Challis Bureau of Land Management and Salmon – Challis National Forest.