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White Cloud Outfitters P.O. Box 217
Challis, Idaho 83226 (208) 879-4574 
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Guided Hunts
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Sheep & Goat Trophy Room

Idaho Rocky Mt. and California Bighorn Sheep

Quite honestly, White Cloud Outfitters feels that a permit allowing one to hunt either of these species of sheep is one of the most coveted, which can be drawn in North America today. This sentiment also represents exactly how we care for any hunter fortunate enough to draw one of these permits when you book your hunt with our service. In Idaho, each sub-specie of sheep represents a one-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity.

  • White Cloud Outfitters hunts for Rocky Mt. and California Bighorns in some 7 separate units in Idaho.

  • We assist all applicants with the application process during the month of April.

  • We match the unit choice with the hunt profile i.e., your physical condition, your trophy expectations, your time availability during the season and drawing odds.

  • Hunts are then scheduled after the outcome of the draw is official, which is normally the end
    of May.

  • Sheep units have season structures that run from August 30 through October 13 (with some exceptions).

  • All hunts are ten days in length and two guides are provided on all sheep hunts.

  • All units are pre-scouted prior to the hunter’s arrival in Challis, Idaho.

  • Local airport pick –up and lodging before departure into the field are included in this hunt price.

  • White Cloud Outfitters have acquired a very positive reputation as sheep outfitters/guides in the state of Idaho.

  • For rates please click HERE

Mountain Goat Hunting

High in the lofty peaks on the White Cloud Mountains resides one of Idaho’s most unnoticed Big Game trophy species, The Rocky Mountain Goat. Here Mountain Goats thrive at elevations of 8-10 thousand feet. 

  • All of White Cloud Outfitters’ Mountain Goat hunts in Idaho are on a drawing lottery basis and you have to apply the month of April for one of these special tags. 

  • If drawn we handle all of the details of your hunt. 

  • These hunts are all conducted using horses to access the hunting country depending on what unit you draw. 

  • In backpack type camps using four-season dome tents and lightweight camp equipment to stay mobile and access as much country as possible. 

  • We like to do these hunts in October when the Billie’s are sporting their exceptional plumage and longhaired coats.

  • These hunts offer great opportunity for the avid archer also.

  • All of our Billie’s score in the mid to high 40’s and through the years we have had 100% success on these hunts.

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White Cloud Outfitters™ Operating under special use permit on public lands administered by The Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Challis Bureau of Land Management and Salmon – Challis National Forest.